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Senior Software Developer

Location: Abu Dhabi

  • Develop and maintain existing platforms and systems to accommodate new business requirements, enabling the generation of insights and data products on all internal and external data via self-serve computing, reporting solutions, and interactive querying
  • Visualize, design, and develop creative and innovative software platforms, as we continue to experience growth in the usage and visibility of our products
  • Create scalable software platforms and applications, and efficient integration solutions that are unit tested, code reviewed, and checked regularly for continuous integration
  • Examine existing systems, identifying flaws and create solutions to improve service uptime and time to-resolve through monitoring and automated remediation
  • Plan and execute full software development life cycles (SDLC) for each assigned project, adhering to company standards and expectations
  • Configure and maintain all development environments and SDLC infrastructure
Key accountabilities:
  • Design and build tools and frameworks to automate development, testing deployment, management and monitoring of DoF’s application services and products
  • Plan and scale distributed software and applications, applying synchronous and asynchronous design patterns, write code, and deliver with urgency and quality
  • Collaborate with other software developers’ teams, producing project work plans and analysing the efficiency and feasibility of project operations
  • Track, document, and maintain software and network system functionality - both internally and externally, leveraging opportunities to improve engineering productivity
  • Give a high level of attention to creating software and networking platforms free of faulty programming, keeping developers in step continuously without compromising software application reliability
  • Work with product managers, business analyst and user experienced designers to influence the strategy for the next sprint of product features and system capabilities, identifying the best way to deliver capabilities
Generic Accountabilities:
  • Plan, supervise and coordinate all activities in the assigned area to meet functional objectives Train and develop the direct reporting staff on relevant skills to enable them to become proficient on the job and deliver the respective section objectives
  • Provide input for preparation of the Section budgets and assist in the implementation of the approved Budget and work plans to deliver Section objectives
  • Investigate and highlight any significant variances to support effective performance and cost control
Policies, Systems, Processes & Procedures
  • Implement approved Department / Section policies, processes, systems, standards and procedures in order to support execution of the work programs in line with DoF and International standards
  • Comply with all applicable legislation and legal regulations
Performance Management
  • Contribute to the achievement of the approved Performance Objectives for the Section in line with the Council Performance framework
Innovation and Continuous Improvement
  • Design and implement new tools and techniques to improve the quality and efficiency of operational processes
  • Identify improvements in internal processes against best practices in pursuit of greater efficiency in line with ISO standards in order to define intelligent solutions for issues confronting the function
Health, Safety, Environment (HSE) and Sustainability
  • Comply with relevant HSE policies, procedures & controls and applicable legislation and sustainability guidelines in line with international standards, best practices and DoF Code of Practices
  • Provide inputs and prepare progress reports
Qualification knowledge and skills
  • Bachelor’s degree in software engineering or information technology
  • 7+ years of experience in as full stack developer
  • Design solution architecture for new custom applications (DB, Layers, Servers, Best Technology, Solution Structure, Code Standard)
  • Relevant experience with BI components (SQL /Oracle Server, SQL query, ETL jobs, REST/SOAP API integration, Power BI on premises and in the cloud) Version: 1.0 21-Aug-22 Page 3 of 3
  • Extensive experience in programming Languages: C#, C++, Python, .NET, MVC Core, MVC .NET, Node JS
  • Object Oriented Programming (OOP) model
  • Front-end technologies: HTML5, JavaScript, CSS3, jQuery, Bootstrap Framework, AJAX, Type Script ES6, etc.
  • Proven experience in REST API integration gateways
  • Relevant experience in SharePoint development, customizations and administration
  • Proven experience with Data Model layer using Entity Framework (EF)
  • Experienced with design patterns using Model-View-Presenter (MVP), Model-View-View Model MVVM, and Repository Pattern
  • Agile project management tools: Jira, DevOps, etc.
  • Proven ability to document design processes, including development, tests, analytics, and troubleshooting
  • Strong scripting and test automation abilities
  • Proficiency with HTML5, CSS3, and content management systems
  • Strong experience in CI/CD infrastructure configuration and integration: GitLab, DevOps, GitHub, Jenkins, etc
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