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AI Assistant for MWC Exhibition

A tech startup
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    1. Simply waiting for visitors led to poor foot traffic at their booth, also their stand was located not in a very active area.
    2. Limited networking experience did not let them connect with potential clients effectively.
    3. They faced difficulties in engaging with the right audience, leading to non-targeted interactions.
    4. They were wasting a lot of time looking for the right audience and contacting them one by one.
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    Our solution
    • Our AI Assistant actively identified and attracted the target audience to the client's booth.
    • The AI Assistant autonomously initiated contact with potential clients, ensuring proactive engagement.
    • The assistant facilitated meaningful interactions with visitors.
    • It secured meetings with genuinely interested visitors, optimising the client's networking efforts.
    • The AI Assistant provided comprehensive analytics, offering insights into engagement and ROI.
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    With the implementation of the AI Assistant, the startup experienced:
    • Increased visibility and foot traffic at the MWC through targeted attraction, resulting in a 180% increase in booth footfall compared to other events.
    • Enhanced engagement, resulting in a 110% increase in meaningful interactions and a 80% increase in lead conversion to client meetings.
    • Comprehensive analytics and reporting, leading to a 50% increase in exhibition ROI through better-informed decision-making.