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Smoother sales: Helping SendOwl integrate better and improve user experience

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    SendOwl, an e-commerce platform specialising in selling and delivering digital goods, faced challenges in optimising the integration of their platform with various websites and blogs and upgrading the digital sales process for different clients.
    They needed a solution to ensure secure and automated digital delivery to meet the needs of individual entrepreneurs, internet marketers, small businesses, and high-volume sellers.
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    • We collaborated with SendOwl to develop custom integration solutions, enabling seamless integration with existing websites, blogs, Shopify, Notion, and other platforms, providing clients with flexibility in selling their digital products.
    • Our team structured the digital delivery process, ensuring secure and automated delivery of digital goods.
    • We enhanced their available gateways and integrations, ensuring compatibility with a wide range of payment methods and platforms.
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    • Our collaboration led to a 29% increase in successful integrations with various platforms, making it easier for SendOwl's clients to sell their digital products across different websites and blogs.
    • We witnessed a 22% increase in customer satisfaction, with positive feedback highlighting the improved experience for both sellers and buyers using the platform.
    • SendOwl experienced a 24% increase in the diversity of supported payment methods and platforms.