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Corporate Learning Management System

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    Foxtery had challenges in developing AI-powered courses, creating structured content, and elevating the overall user experience for their cloud-based corporate learning management system.
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    • We tailored AI solutions to automate course creation, personalise content, and enhance the learning experience for their users.
    • We redesigned Foxtery's platform to make it easier to use, compatible with mobile devices, and more enjoyable for users.
    • We thoroughly checked Foxtery's system, found areas of improvement, and gave them expert advice on how to use technology to meet their business goals.
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    • Our custom AI solutions made it faster and simpler for Foxtery to create courses that meet the unique needs of their users.
    • After the platform redesign, user engagement increased by 47% because people found it easier and more enjoyable to use.
    • With our advice and support, Foxtery was able to use technology in a way that improved how their business runs and how they can grow in the future.