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Image Recognition and Machine Learning

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    Sensu, the developer of a perfume app, had difficulty accurately identifying perfumes from user-uploaded images.
    They needed a solution to make their app better at recognizing perfumes from pictures and providing accurate perfume information.
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    • We developed a custom solution to improve Sensu's app with advanced image recognition capabilities, allowing users to easily identify and learn about different perfumes from their uploaded images.
    • We integrated machine learning algorithms that continuously learn and improve the app's ability to recognize perfumes, ensuring users get the most accurate and up-to-date information.
  • 3
    • Sensu experienced a 31% surge in app usage frequency, indicating that users found the new image recognition feature valuable and trustworthy
    • Through our solution, Sensu achieved a noteworthy 42% increase in accurately identifying perfumes, providing users with more dependable and real-time information about various perfumes, enhancing their overall experience.